may 19-21, 2017


DoubleTree Hotel Dallas/Richardson

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Ticket Information


Reindeer Manor $75 | GET TICKETS NOW

FRIDAY, 5/19/17 Buses depart the DoubleTree Richardson Hotel at 7:15 pm for Reindeer Manor, which will do a full show with cast, behind the scenes tour, followed by a Q&A with the owners/ staff, plus an after party.

Dark Hour Seminars & Tours $180 | GET TICKETS NOW

SATURDAY, 5/20/17 Buses depart the DoubleTree Richardson Hotel at 9:30 am for Dark Hour, where  you’ll spend the day with Allen Hoops and the Dark Hour team. This package includes a full day of seminars, a full show with cast, behind the scenes tour, lunch and dinner served and an after party.

Combo Ticket $235 | GET TICKETS NOW

Includes everything happening on Friday & Saturday at both Reindeer Manor and Dark Hour.

6 Hour Workshops (Sunday)

SUNDAY, 5/21/17 Bus departs the DoubleTree Richardson Hotel at 9:15 am for Dark Hour for this workshop. Lunch is provided. Please note these seminars will run concurrently – only choose one!

Registration Hours

6/19 FRI: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

6/20 SAT: 8:15 AM - 9:15 PM


Contact Us

Questions while attending?

  • Rich Bianco 412-812-1773

Questions regarding the PHATES?

Questions regarding this website? Email

What is the PHATES?

Each spring, the Premier Haunted Attractions Tour & Education Series will be an in-depth exploration of a remarkable haunted attraction, featuring a full show with behind the scenes access as well as special on-site seminars and workshops from the event producers and staff. Not only will you attend an amazing event, you'll learn from the skilled artists and craftspeople who make the magic happen. Other local attractions and additional days of specialized training and classes may even be offered before and after the primary event.

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