may 19-21, 2017


DoubleTree Hotel Dallas/Richardson

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The Attractions

The Attractions

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park, Dallas, TX

Reindeer Manor Halloween ParkReindeer Manor Halloween Park is a high-intensity, highly detailed and immersive 33 acre event just south of Dallas, Texas. Opened in 1974 on the estate of a former oil baron, Reindeer Manor is one of the oldest Halloween attractions in existence. The park utilizes a majority of the old buildings on the property, including the manor house itself which was built in 1920. The property has a true history of both elegance and violence dating back even further. Just entering the grounds can be a hair-raising experience for some guests! We are open for both the Halloween season and off-season shows, and even when we’re closed it’s pretty common to find our monsters out and about at local Dallas events.

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park is comprised of Reindeer Manor, The 13th Street Morgue and Dungeon of Doom. During the Halloween season we have games, bonus attractions, roaming characters and a dance troupe. Owned and Operated by Alex and Jennifer Lohmann, they and their talented crew strive to bring the park up to a new standard each season by utilizing a balance of high detail and good old-fashioned haunted house methodology.

Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano, TX

Dark Hour Haunted HouseDark Hour Haunted House is DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth)’s premier, year-round haunted attraction!  Located just 15 minutes north of downtown Dallas in Plano, Texas, the goal of Dark Hour has always been a simple one: produce the highest quality scare experience available. With its immersive scenery, professionally trained actors, and strategic use of technology, Dark Hour produces a genuine theatrical experience in terror for its guests. Completely different shows are produced almost monthly which build on the core story of the Witches of Coven Manor, creating an expanded exploration of fear-inducing themes throughout the year. Creating 8 totally separate and distinct shows in the same space keep the attraction fresh not only for the customers (many of whom enjoy a season pass option) but also for the army of builders, artists, techs, and haunt industry professionals that it takes to keep Dark Hour running like a well-oiled machine.

Infrastructure is the key to Dark Hour’s success and ability to pull off the different shows with as little as 11 working days between openings. Dark Hour is a full production facility in all fields of the haunted attraction and theatre industries; Ad campaigns, costumes, prosthetics, props, scenery, special effects, video production, masks, and more- almost every element is created in house by the Dark Hour team from start to finish.  During May, Dark Hour presents SPRING FEVER, their zombie themed show.  The Contagion Witch has taken control of the Coven and is raising the dead in order to help the Coven come to world power.  (You can learn more about all of Dark Hour’s themed events by visiting and clicking on the SHOWS tab.)  During the tours the DH team will pull back the curtain on effects that are featured in SPRING FEVER, as well as things ordinarily reserved for some of the other shows as they demonstrate tricks of trade used to make the same space look and feel different 8 times a year.

Registration Hours

6/19 FRI: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

6/20 SAT: 8:15 AM - 9:15 PM


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Each spring, the Premier Haunted Attractions Tour & Education Series will be an in-depth exploration of a remarkable haunted attraction, featuring a full show with behind the scenes access as well as special on-site seminars and workshops from the event producers and staff. Not only will you attend an amazing event, you'll learn from the skilled artists and craftspeople who make the magic happen. Other local attractions and additional days of specialized training and classes may even be offered before and after the primary event.

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